File Loading

Easy, safe and secure way for sharing snapshots of your industrial network measurements

File Loading is a feature of our Osiris diagnostic platform. It allows you to create an interactive data file of your industrial network’s measurements and to distribute it with colleagues and sub-contractors in separate locations.

The benefits of File Loading are many, but perhaps the biggest is the opportunity to cut down on your company’s repair and maintenance costs. Instead of calling out support engineers to read and analyze your network’s live measurements (which can be costly, especially if they’re based in another country), you can simply email them a zip file of your data. Read more about File Loading here.


Device Grouping

A visual method of bundling devices to speed up network maintenance

It can be time-consuming locating devices in a topology or device list when you’re conducting diagnostic routines, especially if you have a large or complicated industrial network. An effective way to speed this up is to place your devices into customized groups for easy identification. Device Grouping is designed to do just that. Read more about this feature here.

The Security Hero Kit

A guardian that will protect your network from external and internal threats

Our Security License tackles the everyday threat posed by unintentional and bad actors. It permanently monitors any planned or unplanned changes to your devices, giving your industrial network the extra layer of protection that it needs.

Keeping track of modifications to your physical assets is more important than ever. But if your industrial network security doesn’t extend much beyond a firewall, your devices are vulnerable. A firewall won’t protect your network from people who know how to go around it. Even if your network is air gapped, you can’t safeguard it against authorised individuals who make an error. Read more about our Security License here.


Ensuring best engineering practices across the entire organization

SeeVerify is an interactive tool that guides industrial network technicians—step by step—through routine and not-so routine tasks. It helps them carry out maintenance and repairs in the way you expect, and it helps you keep track of what tasks they did and when.

Supervising technicians can be challenging, especially when you have a complex network or work for a geographically dispersed organization. You can’t be looking over their shoulder all the time. On the other hand, you don’t want them to struggle on their own, running the risk that they’ll accidentally do something that damages your industrial network. Read more about SeeVerify here.


Maintaining data integrity from source to device

LockBox is a blockchain-based platform that provides a centrally-controlled catalogue of approved firmware, manual brochures, release notes and datasheets for individual network devices. Its purpose is to overcome the persistent problem of unverified and randomly-downloaded software to industrial networks.

If you want complete oversight of your data and better protection against hackers and malware, LockBox is the answer. Read more about LockBox here.

Network Compare

Protecting industrial networks from accidental or intentional changes

Network Compare is a built-in feature of Osiris, our powerful monitoring and diagnostics tool. It notifies you of sudden changes to your Ethernet-based network, like a lost device or the installation of different firmware.

Our innovative tool works by creating a snapshot of your network’s status at any given time. This gives you a baseline against which deviations are identified and reported, helping you identify in a timely manner unplanned, unauthorized or undiscovered changes. Read more about Network Compare here.