SNAP Industrial Ethernet

Troubleshooting your industrial network has never been easier.

SNAP stands for Synthetic Neurologic Analytic Processor. It is a self-learning tool that uses active and passive level measurements to identify PROFINET and Ethernet/IP faults and interpret the data. This is a true time-saver. Your technicians no longer have to waste valuable time looking for errors or figuring out how to fix them. They just let SNAP’s advanced algorithms do the work for them.

EtherTAP2 & Manual Trigger

A passive diagnostics around the clock

EtherTAP2 is a monitoring interface that enables the in-depth analysis of PROFINET and EtherNet/IP traffic. Just like its highly popular predecessor, it acts as a bridge between your industrial network and our Osiris diagnostics platform. However, its newly designed housing and improved functionality guarantee the early detection of communication errors and give round-the-clock access to passive diagnostics.

EtherTAP’s Manual Trigger lets you create a PCAP file at any given moment and not just when an alarm is given. You can even select the total memory size (up to a max of 25 MB) or a time period.

MRP Ring Detection

Easily identify MRP Rings in your industrial network

PROFINET media redundancy is critical for some applications, which is why MRP Rings have become closely integrated into Osiris. The Commissioning Wizard now includes the automatic commissioning checks of MRP Rings. It’s also possible to show the topology of these rings, making it much easier to monitor your network and switch to a line topology if there is a failure.

ComBricks Alarm Configuration

Customize your ComBricks notifications in Osiris

What’s more convenient that using ComBricks to remotely monitor your network installations? Being notified of (potential) faults via the Osiris dashboard. ComBricks can now send alarms via the notification center, the traffic light system, email and MQTT and/or OPC-UA, whichever you prefer. Just go to Alarm Configuration and adjust your settings for protocol status, bar graph status, SNAP scope analysis, message recording status, and idle level status.

Alarm Notifications: High Port Load

Customize your port load notifications in Osiris

Every network is different. That’s why the Alarm Configuration feature in Osiris lets you set warnings, errors and notifications in line with your needs. That flexibility has just been extended. Now you can set your own values for High Port Loads. If any of your network loads exceed your set point, you’ll be notified via your preferred output, whether that’s the notification center, the traffic light system, email and MQTT, OPC-UA, and/or Relay.

Osiris Profile Log

A log of every change made in Osiris

Logging every change made to your Atlas units can give you some really useful information when troubleshooting, but it can also play a major role in your network’s first line of defence. Osiris now logs the actions of every user so you can see the date and time they modified settings and alarms or ignored devices or firmware. This simple but vital security feature is available in the settings menu. Results can be exported via CSV.

Osiris Default Dashboard

Access your custom Osiris dashboard from any device

If you’re responsible for a number of Atlas units, customizing your Osiris dashboard every time you clear cookies or log in on another browser or system can be annoying. Now you don’t have to. After customizing the layout of your dashboard, you can “Set as Default”. This handy feature means you can access the same dashboard layout with every browser session and on any system.